Bradford Results

The results of the first Bradford FC have been lost for almost a century, hidden away in the few remaining copies of 19th century newspapers. Fortunately archivists have painstakingly copied these papers on to microfilm where they can be viewed in local libraries. This website is the first attempt to publish the complete record of  the pioneering Bradford side.

Bradford played in the West Yorkshire League in season 1895/96 and the Yorkshire League in 1897/98 and 1898/99. But in season 1896/97, Bradford had no league to play in so had to make do wuith cup ties and friendlies.

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Disclaimer: While we have tried to make the results section as accurate as we can, it is possible there are are errors and omissions. As all the officials of the original Bradford club are presumably long gone, we are entirely reliant on results and reports in the local press.